• Development & Production

    - Our factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong.

    - All products are designed, developed and tested by senior engineers before being put into mass production.

    - Before the product goes on the market, it will pass CE, FCC, MSDS and other related certifications.

  • Optimized User Platform

    - Lncoon products are widely used across the world, with tens of thousands of people online and growing.
    - Over 20 professional Field Application Engineer have been set up to solve customer problems one-on-one and collect user experience.
    - It is what we insist on iterating and updating our platform and optimizing the customer experience.

  • Smart IoT & Communication

    - Lncoon is still working on the development of the IoT ecological chain, and the projects currently in progress cover the following areas:

    - Asset tracking

    - Cold chain tracking

    - Fleet management

    - Family or Patient Care

    - Smart Campus

    - Smart Ranch

    and more to discover.

About Lncoon

Locate National Continuous Online

LNCOON is one of the top manufacturers of GPS trackers, Dual dash cams, specializing in the design, sales, and operations of IoT tracking devices.

We have lived and breathed innovation over the past 20 years, expanding our services to meet our partners' evolving needs along the way.

Every day, some 6 million devices are tracked with LNCOON' platform, our own back-end software solution that has seen more than 12 million total connected devices.

We are very proud of this number and equally passionate about increasing our presence in the IoT field.