Step 1 - Download App

Click to get LNCOON IOT App:

For Android (V1.1.6)->

For iOS (V1.0.16)->

Step 2 - Sign Up

Open the LNCOON IOT App

Click the "Sign up" at the login page to create a tracking account.

  1. Choose your country.
  2. Enter a valid email.
  3. Click the blue arrow to acquire a verification code.
  4. The verification code will be sent to your email by this email And enter the code you get.
  5. Set and confirm your password.
  6. Check and agree the terms.
  7. Click on submit button to finish sign up and login.

Step 3 - Add Device

On the homepage you will see the google map.

  1. Click the "+" on the top to add new device.
  2. Click the scan icon to quick input the IMEI number.
  3. Focus on the IMEI QR or Barcode on the device or the package. So the app will read the IMEI number for you.
  4. You can also enter your own, but please double check that the numbers are correct before submitting.
  5. Click "Add Device" to submit.
  6. A page will show up for you to edit the information of the device, fill in and save to complete the binding. (You can skip and edit later)
  7. Now go back to the homepage and click "List" in the bottom menu to see if the device shows up in your list.

Step 4 - Top up

Now you need to get a monthly plan to active the device.

  1. Click the "Top up" under the device icon.
  2. Check if the ICCID shows up matches the one on the package. And click the button to confirm.
  3. Choose an ideal plan and click "Payment" and finish payment
  4. Restart the device after order a plan.

After restart, take the device to an open sky and soon the device will be online.

If the "Top up" button doesn't work, please order plan on here:

How to restart?

  • For battery powered tracker, please long press the power button over 3sec will turn it off, and long press again to restart.
  • For plug and play tracker, just disconnected the power supply, wait for the red LED goes off, and then plug back in to restart.
  • For dash camera, you may find a small hole next to the power cable (see image). Long press it with a pin to restart.

Still have a question?

Contact us and provide your IMEI, we will check and provide corresponding solution.