05.19 - Update Diary

05.19 – Update-Tagebuch

LNCOON News - DVR Wiring Install Solution | Test Plan  Application for VINE Customer | Popular Questions Add to FAQ Page

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JC400P Wiring Difficulties

We noticed this week that some users are having difficulty installing the JC400P.

After online chat and telephone communication, we learned about the customer's model and the customer's wiring process, and confirmed that the voltage at the fuse box port has been tested and is normal.

But the problem is that the device is still offline after working for a while, and the red light goes off. We found the floor plan of the fuse box of the customer's model through searching, and under the guidance of the technicians, we found the problem for the customer.

After rewiring, the device has worked normally. We have also received thank you videos from customers.

Thanks for the patience and understanding this customer have gave us.


If you have the same problem, like JC400P offline or wiring trouble, please provide your IMEI number and your model to Support@LNCOON.com, so that we can query the wiring diagram of the corresponding model for you and provide solutions.

If you have any questions, you can also leave a message below, but please do not disclose your IMEI number.




Test Plan Application for VINE Customer

We provide customers who have participated in the Amazon VINE program to apply for a free one-month test plan questionnaire.
If you have received LNCOON products through the VINE program, you can go to lncoon.com/vine to fill in the relevant information, and we will activate a one-month test plan for you for free after verification.
If you are not a user of the VINE plan, don't be discouraged, you can contact us to learn about other welfare activities that give away subscription plans.




Popular Question's Answer is add on FAQ Page

Based on recent customer questions, we have added some content to the FAQ, so that customers can find simple solutions when they fail to get a timely reply.

  • Added FAQ about Subscriptions
  • Added answers to questions about not being able to receive verification codes
  • Synchronize language translations supported by the website.




We hope you can see our efforts and progress, welcome to leave a message❤

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